Leopold Scharlach


About me

Born and raised in Germany, bilingual (EN/DE). I've been interested in computers and technology all my life. Started programming when I was 12.


Worked on personal projects including JavaScript, Typescript, React.js, Vue, Python, HTML 5, CSS 3 & PHP 8. Experienced with Ubuntu 18.04 - 22.04 & Kali/Debian Linux.

  • Birthday: 1st June
  • Location: Germany
  • Languages: EN/DE
  • Email: poldi@poldisweb.de

Public Projects

Project 1

Dead Chat Reviver

Officially verified by discord; Sent 4.000.000+ revives into 6000+ server.

A Discord bot that prevents servers & channels from dying by sending a revive message as well as a ping and a random conversation starter.

V2 includes: Different Languages, a complete Dashboard, Server/Bot Statistics & more.

Read more at www.chat-reviver.com or invite the bot with the button below.

  • JavaScript/Typescript & Node.js
  • Discord.js
  • MySQL
Invite Bot

Project 2

Poldis NewTab

Another NewTab extension for Chrome/Edge or any other browser that supports chrome extensions.

You can use the hosted newtab page i created with this, or any other.

Read more on github or view the code with the button below.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS
Source Code


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