Free to use

This is only the BETA version (1.0). Therefore it's completely free to use. The only thing we would ask of you is to give us feedback on any bugs or mistakes here. Thank you for using PoldisWeb and helping us to decrease our bugs.

About Us

PoldisWeb is a small startup which allows you to easily collaborate with your team, share files, write texts, demand finished tasks and much more. And do you know what's the best? It's completely free to use!

PoldisWeb Logo PoldisWeb Logo

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  • Works on mobile, desktop & mac
  • Work together in realtime
  • Deadline for submissions
  • Customizable admins

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Easy handling

Self-explanatory. Just try out all of the features and you will understand them in no time.


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Here are some of our features. You can always use them in your room .

Text Tools

Write your own texts with headings, links and more

Upload Files

Upload all types of files in only a few seconds

Work in real time

Work together with your team, friends or family in real time

Create Subjects

Create different subject areas for different subjects. You can upload files & text to a specific subject to group it. x

View Files

Open the most common filetypes right here, therefore no download is required

Choose Admins

Select members that you would like to have as administrators. They can do anything you can but change your role.